Million Dollar Homes Must Have Solid Foundations to Protect Your Investment

How Stewart Custom Homes Protects Luxury Homes in Texas


Foundation issues can be expensive – especially for million-dollar homes.  While many people think of foundation repair as costly, it’s often not as much as the real problem.  In other words, neglecting the issues under your luxury estate home can be significantly long-term and cause many headaches for anyone considering homes in the future.

When building a new home, many home builders in Texas hear homeowners explain the importance of their luxury estate as an investment; they expect to appreciate and not depreciate.  So, think about the home foundation before you even begin building a custom home in Texas.

We, at Stewart Custom Homes, believe it is crucially important to make the best decision when preparing for building a custom home.  In fact, one thing we have learned through decades of building custom homes in Texas is to hire a geotechnical engineer.  While many Texas home builders do not go to this extent, it has helped us and our clients for decades – especially on million-dollar homes in Southlake, Colleyville, Westlake, Highland Park or other similar areas.

Geotechnical engineers help by drilling approximately 3 holes as deep as 32’ to obtain a quality sample from the ground.  The geotechnical engineer then provides the custom home builder with a comprehensive dirt report that evaluates the percentage of clay, sand and water content.  Their report usually recommends the specific type of foundation to be engineered, which is a critical analysis for any luxury home builders.

With dry conditions in Texas, geotechnical engineers often recommend moisture conditioned dig-outs opposed to piers.  If the foundation is poured on dry soil, any amount of potential moisture that runs under the home will cause the dirt to swell and put upward rising pressure on the foundation.  However, if you dig 4’ of dirt from underneath the custom home foundation and replace that soil with moisture conditioned soil, you eliminate the possibility of swelling.

So, what about piers?  Piers are designed to keep your slab from sinking and will not provide relief if moisture gets under the foundation.  With certain soils piers are certainly required.  Trust in your geotechnical engineer’s advice to design a foundation that will last your custom home a lifetime.

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