Luxurious Theater Room Design Ideas

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Whether you are considering building a new home or have decided to renovate an existing home, you have likely considered adding a home theater. These rooms, when properly arranged, add elegance and value to your home. However, unlike the “man cave”, creating your own theater room requires a bit of planning for the best effect.

Luckily, a home theater isn’t bound by the normal rules of a designated room. In fact, when it is a premium space, your theater room may also be a multipurpose room. Design being the keyword, one of the most important choices you will make will be seating. This guide will explore several options for theater room seating to help you create the perfect home theater.

The Basics

Unlike a traditional living room or den, the focal point of the room is invariably the big-screen television or movie screen.  Seating should face the screen, ideally being placed across from or in a semi-circle around the screen. When designing your room, take this into account so you choose the best location to view the screen.

The second major consideration is the room’s dimensions. Your seating should be positioned so that all seats have a good view of the screen without obstructing paths. There’s little worse than having to climb over someone to reach your own seat at a movie theater, and the same is true at home.


The design of your home theater will be subject to your chosen theme. Do you want something simple, yet elegant? Are you looking for a cinematic experience?

As a general rule, a cinema or theater incorporates subdued or dark hues. Leather might seem like an ideal match, but think about the amount of wear and tear before choosing the upholstery. A frequently used theater room with children in the home suggests using a more durable material.

However, you may also choose to have a brighter theme. This is especially true of a multi-purpose space, such as a living room or combination game room/media room. In these cases, white, cream, or other light earth tones are commonly used. These are more prone to showing stains, so choose materials which are stain-resistant or easily cleaned.

Level of Intimacy

Next, think about your level of intimacy. More intimate settings might involve sofas or frameless daybeds covered in cushions, coffee tables for shared snacking, and soft lighting. Other rooms may involve tiered theater seating and tighter walking space for that cozy cinema feel. A third common arrangement is a semi-circle of reclining chairs separated by small end tables for snacks or drinks, providing well-defined personal spaces.

Other Considerations

Test each chair for view first if you plan to make them stationary. These seats may be everything from old leather car seats for added character, to plush theater chairs, and even sofas or daybeds for easier lounging. Think about the amount of space available, and then choose the elements which will fit most comfortably into that space while holding to your budget and theme.

If you are planning the room as a multi-purpose space, have a friend help you test each seat for an unobstructed view. Game rooms should have seating against the walls, leaving the floor space open for gaming or billiard tables. In these settings, the screen should be mounted high upon the wall so that any tables do not block even a child’s view of the screen. Likewise, in a converted living room seating should be arranged around a coffee table across from the screen.

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