Interior Design Tips for Art

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Art is a wonderful accent to any home. When talking about interior design, art may be the jumping off point for the entire design itself. This is where you may find inspiration for the color and feel of the room. When choosing the right piece, it is really a matter of personal preference. However, there are some tried and true interior design tips which will help you find the perfect piece.

Finding a Piece you Love

Art should speak to you; make you smile, or provoke a sense of thoughtfulness or calm. If you love black and white prints, don’t feel like you have to go for a bold and colorful graphic print. Alternatively, if you like abstract work, don’t purchase a still life. Finding a great piece is like finding a mate; you will know it when you see it, no matter how hard it is to describe.

Curating Your Art

Art does not have to go together, but when in a room, the pieces should be similar. Think about the feel which you want the space to have. If, for instance, you are trying to set a French theme in the dining room, you wouldn’t want pictures of the universe. Think about your room as a room in a museum. You would not see only one image, but there should be a unifying theme.

Hanging Art

One of the best interior design tips you can utilize is to use art to define a space. Some of the tricks you can play on the eye, depending on how you hang your pieces, include:
  • Hang photos or paintings up high to bring the eye up and highlight tall ceilings.
  • Hang photos or paintings lower to make the space seem more intimate.
  • To hang a piece at eye level, hang it 60″ off the ground.
  • When hanging multiple pictures, leave at least two inches between them.
  • Before hanging a piece, use a blank piece of paper taped in place to determine if you like the placement.
Along with how you hang the art, it is important to note what you will use to hang the art. Follow these interior design tips for hanging art include:
  • Use picture hanging hooks rather than tacks or nails.
  • Use two hooks per work of art for stability and strength.
  • Use a level to ensure that a work of art is hanging evenly.

Hanging Disparate Pieces 

There is a trend in interior design to hang works of art which do not go together. You may have pictures which are dissimilar or frames which are dissimilar. For pictures which are very different, look for similar frames to tie them together. For frames which are different, keep to a common color scheme for a unified look. A wall with five or seven different works of art can be very attractive when there is a common theme tying them all together.

More Than Paintings

Art is more than paintings. Besides the traditional works of art which you may hang on the wall, consider some unique items such as:
  • Bone China
  • Masks
  • Baskets
Also, art does not only have to be hung on the wall. Benches, chairs, and even coat trees that are decorative or unique can be beautiful and functional. To highlight these pieces, use lighting to draw attention to them. For example, imagine a light fixture, sculpted to show beautiful climbing vines with a stained glass shade. This is functional art and deserves to be shown off.

Bring Art to your Space

Creativity is a wonderful expression of personality and a fantastic accent to any home. The right pieces will tie a room together. With these interior design tips, you can show off your favorite items.

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