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Luxury homes call for luxury garages. After all, there is no reason why every square inch of your property should not be perfect. It makes no sense to live in a beautiful home but park in a bare-bones space. A garage can be much more than a mere storage space. It can be a world set apart, a
hidden retreat zone that shows your interests and passions in a way not possible on any other parts of your property.

A Show Room, Not Just a Parking Room

Many dream garages showcase a collection of old, restored cars. The surrounding decor typically hails from
the same time period as the show-cased cars. Parked on exquisite ceramic tile, heated floors, or reflective epoxy, these nostalgic automobiles serve as a constant reminder of days gone by. Modern sports cars are another popular item
often seen in car-centric garages.

Luxury Woodwork and Upper Spaces

Many of the ceilings on dream garages are made of luxurious woods like chestnut, cedar, and pine. Big open spaces and effective ventilation are the rule. Decorative ceilings offer visual interest and capture the height of the space, while several windows bring in plentiful natural light. Creative and effective lighting make it an ideal show space and workspace. Wooden staircases can lead up to a mezzanine or second floor for an office, media room, or guest suite.

   Unique,Customized Features



Many other ideas are put into play in these garages, so each one will come out as unique as the individual who designed it. Garages are not only for cars – they create valuable bonus space for many types of fun. Here are some of our favorite elements we’ve seen included in dream garages:

  • beautiful, fully stocked bars
  • fine wine storage areas
  • hot tubs and pools
  • luxury sound systems for music performance and listening
  • T.V. lounge area
  • old-time soda shops
  • vintage arcade games
  • professional-level workshops

Blend with the Rest of Your Property

Besides a custom-built, luxurious interior, these dream garages will connect to the rest of your property in style. A heated garage floor may blend into a heated driveway in colder climates. The car exit may lead you through a decorative overhang, across a bridge that sits over a Koi pond, or over to a scenic area with an incredible panoramic view. Some pools lie partly within and partly outside of the garage. 

Side exit doors may take you to a gorgeous patio with a fire pit and lush plant life. Uniquely designed bike paths can lead right into the
garage through specialized doors, and pet houses can be located inside the heated garage with direct access to the outside.

Once you begin to imagine your garage as something more than a place to park your car and store rarely used items, a whole new world of possibilities will open before you. Luxury home contractors can customize these features to be exactly as you envision them. To a large degree, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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