How To Create A Luxury Living Room Design

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A luxurious living room design can give you the perfect place to entertain guests or to just relax after a hard day of work. Follow these simple tips and you can bring elegance and comfort into your home.

Flooring Choices

One of the first things you notice about any room is the flooring. Wood flooring is a great option and adds an element of sophistication to the room. With many different styles and stains to choose from, you can find wood flooring with a color that works well with your furniture and walls in your living room. Wide-planked hardwood flooring is particularly luxurious and inviting.

If you are more interested in using carpet, there are also some excellent options. A carpet with a neutral color and subtle pattern will complement other features of the living room design while providing warmth. If you have hard floors, warm up the space with an area rug. Placing an area rug under your sofa, for instance, acts as a visual divider by marking that area as a gathering place.

Furnished for Comfort

Furniture is a key aspect to any good living room design. No living space is complete without good seating arrangements. Comfortable sofas are a must, and the style should match the rest of the room.

Contemporary style sofas can add a great deal of luxury to a home. Simple yet comfortable, a contemporary white sofa can match almost any wall and floor color. It can be paired with a simple yet sophisticated square coffee table. To make the space even more appealing to visitors, consider using an L-shaped sectional. These help to create an intimate gathering place that will make any guest feel at home.

Art Deco is another living room design style that embraces elegance, and this can also be achieved through furnishing. A sofa with a curvy back and a bold color can be paired with white or cream armchairs and a simple white coffee table to complete the look. It’s all about contrast and boldness, so you should pick one or two eccentric pieces and balance them with pieces that are simpler.

The Details

The smallest touches can have the biggest effect on a room. Greenery is a great way to add luxury and a sense of calm. You can find some beautiful plants that thrive indoors. For example, placing succulents on a coffee table or shelf in a decorative pot can turn them from simple plants to accessories.

Books shouldn’t be hidden in an office. You can take your colorfully bounded books and place them on a shelf, transforming them into a feature that accents your living room design. It can also make the space feel more lived-in, without the illusion of clutter or disorganization.

Incorporate antiques or other meaningful items into your living room design is another way to give your space character. Arrange the pieces throughout the room to draw attention to specific areas. They also make for conversation starters, adding warmth to the space.

With so many different ways to create a luxury living room design, you can bring elegance to your home without losing your personal touch.

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