How to Build a Future-Proof Home

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How Fast Can You Say “Technology”?

It’s likely that in the time that it takes to say it, something WITHIN the realm of technology has changed or advanced even further. Our “Smart Phones” contain more computing ability than the computers in the Apollo spacecrafts that circled the moon for NASA!

Some feel as if they live in a technological dream. Almost as soon as we can think of something else we would like to be able to do, someone tells us, “There’s an App for that!”

Our homes should be designed and constructed with these coming changes in mind as well.

To Build a Future-Proof Home

Oh yes, technology continues to evolve rapidly.  There was a time when HDTVs were a rare thing.  Now they are common place.

It’s important to consider and attempt to plan for some of these changes in technology when designing and installing electric wiring and cable for the infrastructure of your home.  Today, it’s not as common to use an RJ6 (coax cable) or an RJ11 (phone jack) to run data or audio/video information.  The preferred method is over a RJ45 network cable.

RJ45 network cables come in different forms.  There’s CAT5, CAT5-e and CAT6.  The CAT5 has the lowest bandwidth, while CAT6 has the greatest.  Today these cables can be used not only for network, but also for long HDMI runs.  If you’ve looked up an HDTV recently, you’ve probably noticed the HDMI inputs.

Installing electric wiring and running enough cable for all your TV’s, multi-zone control pads, and internet connections for internet enabled devices (such as TVs , blu-ray players etc), and computers is very important.

On The Horizon

4K technology is taking HDTV to a new level.  4K TVs are currently very expensive; however, as prices drop they will become more common place.  The CAT-5E cable does not have the enough bandwidth to carry a 4K signal.  In order to future proof your home, you should be running at a minimum a CAT6 and a CAT5-E to each TV location.

The small expenditure for the upgraded electric wiring and cable material up front may save you from a more expensive remodel sooner that you think..

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