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The holiday season is a time to deck the halls and invite friends into your home, but you’ll also receive invitations to celebrate the holidays with family and friends at their homes as well. As your dance card fills up for the season, be ready with the perfect thank you gift for every party. Here are some of our favorite host and hostess gift ideas. 

Traditional Gifts

When heading to a party, it’s proper etiquette to come with a gift for the host or hostess. This is a way to show appreciation for opening up their home. While some may think of flowers, this isn’t necessarily the best idea. Flowers require the host or hostess to take time out, find a vase, cut the stems and arrange the flowers. Traditional gift ideas that may be more suitable are boxes of chocolates, pre-plated desserts, or a bottle of bubbly. These items are party worthy and require no work on the part of your host or hostess.

Holiday Themed Gifts

To set yourself apart, take a cue from the time of year of the party. For the holiday season consider a cedar ornament, package of specialty cocoa, or a fragrant candle. If you’re a person who enjoys crafting, try your hand at making your own cookie mix. For instance, measure out all of the dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and place them in a mason jar. Tie a note around the jar noting the wet ingredients and cook time.

Pampering Gifts

The host or hostess is the one in charge of making sure that everything is organized and ready to go. This is the person under the most stress when it comes to holiday parties. Our favorite gift ideas for the busy bee are a jar of foot cream, bath salts or artisinal handmade soaps. To get into the spirit of the season look for scents that include pumpkin, cranberry, or pine.

Gifts for Parties

Some hosts and hostesses live for entertaining. These are the people that shop for a house with the dining room/kitchen flow in mind. For this epic party planner, look for gifts that inspire more parties. A marble cheese plate, quilted felt coasters, or a personalized apron are sure to make them smile. Think about whether the party is usually a sit down dinner or heavy hors d’oeuvres to ensure your gift matches their party personality.

Gifts for the Home

Along with celebrating your host or hostess, celebrate their home. Gifts for the home show that you appreciate the time it took to decorate, clean, and prepare such a nice space. Look for throw pillows that will make them smile, or a table runner for the new year. If you are close with the person hosting your party, frame pictures of their kids or pets in a unique frame for a personal touch.

Finding the Perfect Gift

The gift ideas that will be the perfect match to your party are the ones that match the personality of your host or hostess. Remember, think about what would really bring them joy and it should be a home run every time.

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