Elements of a Luxurious Master Bathroom

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Your bathroom is arguably the most important and useful room in your house–even more than your kitchen! Like most homeowners, you want your master bathroom to go a step beyond and become a private retreat – a place to get away, relax, and pamper yourself. More than the five star hotel-grade towels and pampering hand soaps, your bathroom needs certain design elements that add comfort, utility, and luxury that will make it an inviting and welcoming space at the end of a long day. When you are building your custom luxury home, the master bathroom is not the place to skimp on design elements. Here are some ideas that will help you turn a basic bathroom into a spa-like experience you will look forward to.

Design Elements

There are several aesthetics that you need to keep in mind to create a luxurious feeling when designing your dream bathroom: space, light, surfaces, water features, and convenience.


While square footage certainly has an important place in your bathroom design, how the space is arranged is key. Beginning with a smart floor plan is a good start but can’t make up for awkward accessory placement or cluttered working areas.

  • Include a separate walk-in-closet and dressing room area to keep clothing and personal items where they belong.All Posts
  • Install floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets. Open shelving collects dust and clutter. Keeping your personal items behind closed doors will lend a clean, serene feel to your hideaway.
  • Designate a few open shelving areas to display favorite collectibles up off of your vanity counter.
  • Consider separating the toilet behind a wall or enclosure for privacy.


Lighting is an important feature in master bathroom design. Generally, you will want your room to be bright and light during the morning when getting ready for work, and softly lit when it’s time to pamper yourself or wind down for the evening.

  • Install multi-use lighting with dimmer switches to control the light intensity.
  • Plan for plenty of windows, keeping privacy in mind, and choose curtains and blinds thoughtfully.
  • Make use of skylights. Overhead natural light from a skylight combines soft, natural light with built-in privacy.
  • Place mirrors carefully. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.


Bathroom surfaces need to be easy to clean and maintain, as well as add an interesting aesthetic. Luxury trends include familiar materials such as marble, granite, and quartz, but concrete, glass, stainless steel and eco-friendly recycled materials are showing up in designer homes everywhere. According to Forbes, bathroom trends are leaning toward natural stone and wood-look tiling with radiant heating installed underfoot.

Water Features

Beautiful showers and bathtubs are pleasant to look at, but they must be useful and a bit decadent to truly be considered indulgent.

Hydrotherapy options for your bathtub offer relaxation and muscle therapy. Jetted tubs with pressurized water and air or head and foot ports with gentle currents create a therapeutic and calming bathing experience. Newer tub models prevent the shock of a cold tub surface through radiant heating, and water-heating systems maintain a warm water temperature of 102° for as long as you are soaking. For dry or wet heat, the therapeutic benefits of a steam room or sauna can’t be beat. Newer designs feature music players, waterproof speakers, and chromotherapy.


There isn’t much use in having luxurious elements in your master bathroom if it’s inconvenient to control them. Consider adding control devices for just about anything in the room. Digital devices, touchscreens and control pads can operate your lights, shower, bathtub and sauna, and can be operable through your phone or computer from anywhere in your home.

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