Designing and Building a Custom Home in DFW

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New Home Construction in DFW by Stewart Custom Homes

New home construction in DFW can be an exciting process and stressful experience at the same time.  One way to help eliminate the stress of building a new home is to begin planning well in advance of when you want the home built so that you have time to find the best home builder for your specific needs.  This planning begins with vision and mapping out how you want your home to look and feel.

The challenge with building a home and mapping out your vision is often that homeowners only build a home 1-3 times in their lifetime, so it is hard to envision for them.  This is usually where a home designer and architect come in to help.  The challenge here is often that the architect and home designer can help design a beautiful home exactly as you would envision and often times more.  However, then you have to find a luxury home builder in DFW to provide you costs and additional planning for your new home.

Recently, a client of Stewart Custom Homes came to us with plans designed by an architect and wanted us to build their luxury custom home.  This particular family owns property in DFW and knew where they wanted to build, yet the architect had designed a home larger than the property they owned would allow and outside of their budget.  Therefore, they asked Stewart Custom Homes to help with the redesign and building of their new home.

With some help from our designers, we were able to make some adjustments in square footage in the hallway areas and other less used areas in order to help the homeowner maintain their original plans in the kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.  The “great room” concept is a great way to keep your footage and cost down.  As the home construction project continued to evolve, the homeowner realized the area previously designed was far more than they wanted and the new design suited them very well.

While designing the home of your dreams is important, it is also important to make sure your home builder is involved with the chosen architect and interior designer in order to make the sure the financial goals are aligned to your overall design and finish out.

Stewart Custom Homes specializes in building luxury custom homes and our commitment is to help you through every step of the process! To learn more about building a custom home in DFW, connect with us on Facebook where we share more of our home construction success stories. Send us an inquiry online by clicking here, or call us at 817-251-5832 to arrange a consultation!