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When you finally decide that you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, you want everything to be perfect. You are working with your builder to create the perfect floor plan. You have worked with an interior designer to decide on the perfect wall colors, sorted through flooring samples for hours, and picked out the perfect hardware for the bathroom and kitchen. Let’s face it, if you are having a custom home built, you will be devoting the time it takes to make sure every detail is exactly how you want it, include elements like the range hood in the kitchen.

Does A Range Hood Matter?

If you love to cook, or even if you want to appear like you enjoy cooking, you want every accouterment available. A range hood not only keeps a kitchen cooler by pulling heat out of the room, but it also pulls out smoke and steam generated during the cooking process. The fans in the range hood also pull out some of the grease that becomes airborne when you cook, keeping it off of your custom cabinetry and decorative ceiling. So a great range hood not only keeps the room cooler and the air clear, it also makes your clean-up process much easier.

How To Select A Great Hood

First, keep in mind that the internal workings of a hood are similar from model to model. Regardless of how it looks, the function is going to be the same. There may be functional differences in the size of the grease filters, fan sizes, and capacities, but functionally they are all the same. That leaves the choice for your range hood clearly up to your preference in design.

With today’s design and decoration choices, from Tudor and Tuscan styles to ultra modern stainless steel, your range hood can be virtually any design you want. Whether you are looking for something uber decorative or strictly functional, it won’t be difficult to find a hood design that will fit in with your kitchen decor. Even though the main function of a hood is to exchange kitchen air for clean air, it can serve other purposes as well.

Handy Options

Here are some examples of how to add further functionality to your range hood:

Tool Rack: Instead of digging through drawers and cabinets to locate large spoons, spatulas, or tongs, a range hood can be designed with hooks and clips to keep them accessible.

Pan Rack:As above, your hood can also have hooks and clips so such things as sauté pans are readily available, which can save valuable time when you are working with delicate or time-sensitive recipes.

Additional Lighting: A great hood can also be used to add additional light to the cooking surfaces with under count lighting, keeping your range top from being lost in the shadows.

Thanks to great modern designs, a range hood can either blend in with the cabinetry or stand out with its own aesthetic characteristics. It doesn’t matter if your range is built into the cabinets or whether it is part of an island situated in the middle of the kitchen, a great range hood that fits perfectly with your kitchen decor is another detail that will add character to your custom home.

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