Customizing Your Fireplace Design

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A fireplace can be an unnoticed, and sometimes awkward, element in a room. However if given a little bit of attention, it can become a real eye-catcher. Besides being functional, it can also become the focal point in the room. Whether building new or remodeling, all you need is a solid fireplace design.

Complete Makeovers

If you intend to start from scratch with your fireplace design, take your time choosing a surface that will set the fireplace as an integral part of the room. Also, consider which type of fireplace you want to install as today’s options aren’t limited to just wood or gas.

You then need to decide on your fireplace design style. Are you going for modern, cottage, rustic, or traditional? Once you decide on the style, you are ready to choose your materials. A fireplace design can come in many forms such as tile, stone, brick, and even glass tiles (usually for the back splash in kitchens).


When it comes to fireplace design, adding pre-built mantels or building a custom mantel can make for a real focal point in the space. It can also be an easy way to cover the existing fireplace. If you want to make a bold statement and bring all eyes to the fireplace, bring your mantel and fireplace surround from floor to ceiling.

Your  design can be as simple as adding a shelf for the mantel. It can be a sleek shelf that is smooth and modern, or you can go for an old-fashioned design that is elaborate with molding that creates character and depth. Go rustic with a rough or unfinished look, which looks best with a thicker mantel.


Fireplace design goes beyond the mantel. To create a prominent feature in your room, bring the focus to the entire wall. This idea will work especially well if you intend on placing a television above the fireplace. Frame the television above the fireplace with decorative molding, or conceal it behind movable panels that showcase art or decorative mirrors when the television is not in use. Bring the furniture in close to both expand the feel of the fireplace area and create an intimate gathering space.

Place shelving units on both sides of the fireplace. Adding shelving units on each side is a flexible project, whether or not you use the entire wall space. Use slim shelves just to make the fireplace bigger and bolder and to create the feeling of built in shelving.


Brick fireplaces are harder to replace when redesigning. Bricks can tend to blend into the surroundings and, depending on the look you are going for, feel quite drab. Painting, in this case, is a great idea that is quick and easy to change. You can choose the color that coordinates with your room or choose one that really pops. Many brick fireplaces today are getting a modern makeover with white, grey, and even black.


None of the fireplace design ideas are fully pulled together without the use of additional accessories. If you do not have your television above the mantel, there should be a large statement piece such as a mirror or large artwork. If you have a full wall with shelving, however, keep the mantel decor simple. You don’t want to overcrowd and end up with a cluttered look.

To use the space effectively, make sure you do not place all of the accessories on the mantel shelf. Bring some of the decorative element to the hearth area as well, making sure you vary the size and height of your decorative pieces. Choose colors that match with the overall style of the fireplace design and the rest of the room. This will help complement the fireplace area itself, as well as tie into the design of the space as a whole.

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