Custom Closet Design for Your Lifestyle

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A luxury master suite is not complete without the perfect custom closet.

The closet is one room in a home that can either be a gift or a nightmare. Which side of the coin you end up with depends largely on organization. A closet bursting at the seams will be one to cause frustration, anger, and make you late for work in the morning. On the other hand, an organized closet can bring you joy, make you feel good about what you wear, and help you to start your day off on the right foot. When it comes to improving your quality of life, it may all come down to a smart closet design. 


There are a myriad of ways to organize your closet. The choice you make will depend on the space itself and your lifestyle. If you are running yoga classes five days a week, your closet will look much different than someone running off to board meetings in a suit.

The benefit of a custom closet is that you can tailor your closet to your life. If you collect bags or shoes, custom shelving can be installed into your closet to showcase your luxury items. If you seldom wear long dresses, the bars in the closet can be installed at two heights, increasing your hanging space. The beauty is that a custom closet design starts with a blank canvas and uses your life as it’s guide.


home closet is like a home boutique. Smart closet design can be stylish and will incorporate a bit of your personality into your space. For instance, consider a closet as more than a space with white walls. Custom closet design can incorporate open shelving with a stunning wallpaper as a backdrop. For those that prefer the craftsmanship details of custom cabinetry, opt for an all wood closet design.


Lighting plays a huge role in the closet. You need to see what you are doing. Smart closet design will include a plan for lighting design. Overhead lights are the standard, but what about lights under the bars, in the shelves, and even in the drawers? With custom closet design and LED lighting options, you will be able to see everything you own.

Unique Features

An added benefit of custom closet design is the ability to add touches that are truly unique to you. Certain accessories cry out for special attention. With custom closet storage, you could choose to have:

  • A rotating tie rack
  • A rotating belt rack
  • A stud wall to house earrings
  • Angled hooks to showcase bracelets and necklaces
  • A special drawer for cuff links
  • Lucite drawers so things are seen and protected
  • A bench for dressing
  • Hidden cedar chests for seasonal storage

With custom closets, if you feel there are some areas where a traditional closet is lacking, this can be addressed. People prefer to have their items stored their way. Just as every shop does not look like the dress floor at Macy’s, every closet does not have to look or function the same way. With your closet design, the unique features are what make it truly special.

Design For Your Lifestyle

Your home is your palace, and your closet is your most personal space. This is the place where you head every morning to choose how you will present yourself to the world. A closet should be well organized, suit your lifestyle, and make you happy. Custom closet designing is the perfect way to get organized.

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