Creating an Elegant Entryway

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The entryway of your new home offers guests a preview of the beauty and elegance that awaits inside. Thoughtful choices in flooring, wood trims, stair design, and lighting fixtures will give you the perfect setting for your distinctive decorative embellishments. A well-designed custom entryway, crafted with quality materials, sets the tone of your home and will continue to do so for decades.

First Impressions

The design of the front door can certainly enhance the exterior of your home, but don’t forget that it will also have an impact on the interior entryway. Choosing a door with a glass window and sidelights will allow more light into the space. A double door may be needed to balance out the large windows used in two story entryways.


Your choice of flooring is extremely important. Both tile and wood floors can be elegant, yet durable. You can even have borders and designs incorporated in the installation of these floors. Take into account that at in the future, your changing taste in decor may lead you to want to use an area rug or carpet runner in the entryway, so plan accordingly when you choose your floor design.

Stunning Staircases

In many homes the first thing a guest sees when entering is the stairway to the second floor, so you will want to pay special attention to the design and construction of your stairway. Select a sturdy, more substantial banister and railings for visual impact. Will the materials be able to survive children sliding down them and still look good? How about holiday and seasonal decor? What if you decide to install carpet on the stairs? Take time to visualize all the variables to make sure your choice will continue to work for you no matter the scenario.

Lighten the Mood

Another important feature in your elegant entryway is the ceiling light fixture.Whether you choose a large ornate chandelier with some sparkle or something more understated, you will want to make a careful choice here. Chances are you will be living with this for a while, so make sure to choose something you love. Don’t skimp on quality, either. This is one of the first things guests notice when they enter your home. You will never regret investing in a special or unique light.

Once you have the basic components in place, you can add and change embellishments as you please. A well-designed, well-crafted entryway can stand on its own, but it is your personal choices in furniture, artwork and accessories that make your entryway truly elegant.

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