Gorgeous Ceiling Designs Add a Touch of Elegance

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When you walk into a room, the major focal points tend to be at eye level. However, integrating your ceiling into the overall design of a room, especially when building a new home, can add that wow factor that you’ve been seeking. There are many ceiling designs to choose from. Whether you decide to paint or completely change the architecture of your ceiling, anything you do will create a bold statement with the use of ceiling designs. Here are a few ceiling designs you can use to make your room go from drab to fab!


Adding beams to your ceiling can add an amazing feel like no other. Beams help to bring the focus of a room back to the room itself while adding a touch of eye pleasing flare. You can use a rustic wooded look to help accomplish a homey old world feel. Stained beams add a more modern cozy feeling to the space. From white to a deep espresso, the color of your beams can add dimension to the room like never before. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and let your personality shine through with the use of beams. Beams are wonderful ceiling designs that add tons of personality to your home. 


The possibilities are endless when you open a can of paint. Using paint to emphasize the architectural details will help to bring them to life. Faux finishes are a guaranteed way to make any statement whether it be a distressed or cracked look. Metallic paint colors may seem like a stretch. However, a bronze metallic paint can be used to add an aged look to the room. You can even go for a shimmer paint if you want to tone it down a bit. In big open spaces, a darker paint color can help to center the room and make it cozier. In a room with angled or low ceilings a lighter paint color can help to expand the room. Be sure that your painted ceiling designs flow with the design scheme you are trying to achieve overall. 


Integrating lighting into your ceiling is a great way to do something different with your home design. Recessed lighting is always a great way to accentuate the overall design and function to any room. Pendant lighting is great for dinning and kitchen areas. Go big and add skylights to help let in ample natural light and give you a perfect view of the moon and stars in the evening. 


You can also use dry wall to create a textured design to your ceiling. This is among the most common ceiling techniques. A swirl texture can be created by a simple layered swirl technique. Tiger skin texture is made to imitate the stripes of a tiger. Spanish texture is a subtle way to add culture into the room. 

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