Bring the Outside In with Beautiful Patio Doors

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The indoor space in your home should feel cozy and inviting to create a personal oasis from the rest of the world. What if you could expand the square footage by blending the great outdoors with your living space? With the right design, you can increase your living space substantially with the aid of beautiful patio doors. Here are a few types that will help you bring the outside in.

Accordion Doors

This type of patio door can fold completely away, neatly tucked out of sight to the side. You can use this kind of patio door to open a very wide space to the outside world. Sliding on an overhead track, accordion doors provide complete access to your outdoor living space, giving you a sense of grandeur when introducing your outside space to your guests.

French Doors

Dating back to the 17th century, French doors began as a window that typically led to balconies. Due to the ever changing nature of Renaissance architecture, the French window became a French door. Glass panes are used throughout the length of the door to bring in large amounts of natural light as a window, while serving the function of a door. French doors are timeless and will mesh well with your home no matter what design theme is already in place.

Bi-Fold Doors

Similar to accordion doors, bi-fold patio doors are on a hinge that allow the doors to double over, revealing the great outdoors. These doors can appear as a wall of glass that offer the functionality of a door, and are a great addition to a home with a modern design theme. Guests are sure to make your new bi-fold doors the hottest conversational piece of the night.

When you choose to expand your living space outdoors with these styles of patio doors, you will reap more benefits than extra living space. Glass patio doors let in large amounts of natural light to help make your indoor space feel much larger. The more natural light flowing in, the larger your space will appear. You can also increase your visibility outside of your home for an added safety feature. Having patio doors also provides a larger point of entry to move objects in and out of your home with more ease. If you live near a scenic view, you will enjoy the added bonus of beautiful views all of the time.

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