6 Bathtubs to Consider for Your Bathroom

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When picking a bathtub for your bathroom you will find a variety of choices. The following are different types of bathtubs you may consider adding to your luxury home. Each has its own set of features that may require a few alterations to your existing bathroom. When choosing a new bathtub keep in mind what kind of remodeling choices you want and are willing to make in the space.

Freestanding Bathtubs

The freestanding tub and soaker tub are similar in that they both stand alone in a bathroom. A general free-standing tub can come in a variety of styles and finishes to match or stand out in your design concept. A shower feature can be included, but can be tricky when dealing with curtains. A freestanding tub can be raised off the floor by a pedestal or base. One of the most iconic freestanding tubs is the Clawfoot Tub.

Soaker Bathtubs

These bathtubs are meant for the most relaxation. A soaker tub can be designed with or without a heater, and are the latest fashion in baths. They are different from regular tubs by their depth, and are also generally a bit shorter. It is meant to allow the bather to relax in shoulder-deep water for a full body soak. These bathtubs do not include jets, and traditionally come in an oval or circular shape. The placement trend for this type of tub is to center it in the bathroom, making is a statement piece.

Recessed Bathtubs

Generally a recessed tub has one finished side showing and is bordered on the other three sides by your bathroom walls. Traditionally, this bathtub is the go-to for most bathrooms. The design standards make it the most affordable and the most space efficient, since they are the easiest tub to use in a bathtub/shower combination. Most are steel with an enamel finish, but cast iron with an enamel finish is another available option. When considering the heavier option you need to know whether your bathroom floor can support the weight without additional reinforcement.

Corner Bathtubs

Installing a corner tub can optimize your bathroom’s floor space and add a spa-like feel. These tubs are great for any size bathroom because they don’t require the long wall space that standard tubs do. The basin can be triangular, oval, or circular. You can have molded back rests and armrests which is ideal for comfort, making it feel more like a relaxing hot tub than a bathtub. The variety of options for style and intricate features are why corner bathtubs are a popular choice.

Garden Tubs

Typically, a garden tub is made of fiberglass or acrylic. These bathtubs come with long sides that are slightly bowed out, instead of being mostly perpendicular to the shorter sides like a recessed tub. The garden tub can sometimes feature one or two steps on the open side of the tub. The feature that makes this tub stand out is the extra space around the basin that allows for storage and decorative items.

Whirlpool Tubs

A whirlpool bathtub is a self-contained jetted tub also referred to as a jacuzzi tub. There are two different types of whirlpool tubs to choose from: the air jet tub or the water jet tub. They serve the same purpose, however, which is to massage and relax the bather. The air jets are small, and there are dozens of them to create soothing air bubbles. The water jet tub will have fewer and larger jets, and the water moves from the jets at high speeds. With both types of bathtubs you can swivel the jets in different directions to target different muscles.

No matter your space considerations or design style, there are a variety of bathtubs available to fit your needs and become a showpiece in your new bathroom.




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