Accessorize Your Home with These Interior Design Tips

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The seasons have changed. You’ve acquired new heirlooms. Maybe you bought new shelves. Regardless of the reason, it’s time for a change! Accessorizing your home is the easiest way to do just that. Follow these quick and easy interior design tips to make your home uniquely yours.

Don’t Overdo It

Know when to say when. You don’t need to set out all of your great aunt’s fine china – just use the central pieces like a plate or bowl. Consider mixing and matching two or three colors to complement your home based on a standard color wheel.

Go Big or Go Home

Having multiple small accessories can look clunky or even give off the appearance of a pack-rat. Try using larger and fewer accessories like candles and vases instead of a variety of trinkets.

Focus on the Personal

When guests visit, it’s easier for them to strike up a conversation about something unique, rather than something they saw at a popular home decor store. Use your personal heirlooms as the center of focus in your home and you’ll not only strike up conversation; you will have something special no one has seen before.

Use Souvenirs

Did you or a member of your family recently visit the beach? Explore abroad? See a new city? Use souvenirs as accessories and decorate around them, accenting the main colors of your space. As with the personal touches, they can start up conversation and remind you of your own little adventures while you daydream on the couch.

Share Your Life

As with all interior design tips, the focus is on sharing who you are. Interior design tips aren’t meant to hold you down or force you to be inspired. Simply think about what makes you happy in life and use it. Whether it’s children or grandchildren, your pet, your travels or your adventures, showcase it in your design.

Explore Different Styles

Look in magazines, on TV, or on the internet for more interior design tips that can help you make your home truly yours. Find the style that fits you and accessorize. Like the rustic look? Try old-fashioned lamps and wooden clocks. Enjoy the beach scene? A large vase of sand and shells with some beach grass could complete your decor. Interested in the modern look? Use geometric shapes with a variety of hues to accent your home.  Familiarize yourself with various styles, yet be attune to what makes you happy and reflect it in your designing.

With these interior design tips, your home can truly become a reflection of you.

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