A Butler’s Pantry for Catering and Entertaining

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Do you consider yourself a foodie, or the ultimate host? If you love entertaining and cooking, you want to make sure you have the maximum convenience possible while preparing food and serving your guests. If this describes you, then a butler’s pantry may be just what you need! An increasingly popular feature that is being included in many custom luxury homes, a butler’s pantry can make a huge difference in your ability to cater and entertain to your heart’s content. But what exactly is a butler’s pantry?

The Typical Butler’s Pantry

In a larger luxury home, the butler’s pantry may be approximately the same size as a kitchen in a smaller home or apartment. Typically, they are conveniently located in a niche area, adjacent to the main kitchen. They are often narrow and tend to be windowless, and can be designated for several uses. for example, it may be the place where you store most of your serving utensils, glassware, and serving dishes. Vintage homes often have a butler’s pantry space; but if you’re designing your own home, there are several modifications you may want to incorporate.

Additional Features and Layout

Glass cabinet doors make it simple to see exactly where everything is, making it easy to locate what you need. This provides an attractive display for your serving items. If you hire caterers to help with a dinner party, it also makes their job that much simpler when it comes to locating everything they need to make your event a success.

A U-shaped butler’s pantry gives you more of a sense of space, as well as providing you actual working space. You may want to incorporate a small refrigerator, where extra beverages and other cold goods can be stored. Some people love having a small wine or beer refrigerator as an integral part of their pantry space. While it’s not mandatory that your butler’s pantry have a second sink or wet bar area, these are certainly nice features to consider adding. Ultimately, however, it comes down to your specific tastes: your design style, sense of organization, and types of parties you plan to have. If space is at a bit of a premium in your home, you may also want to design your wet bar area with features that help it serve as a pantry area whenever you need it.

The Best Location

If you do choose to include a wet or dry bar in your butler’s pantry, then you may find the best location to be midway between the kitchen and dining room. To maximize space and efficiency, some homeowners prefer to have their pantry be designed as a shared space. For example, the pantry may be integrated near a mud room, or have an entrance to the yard or patio area. If you love entertaining outdoors when the weather permits, this placement is ideal.

Whatever your final decision about your butler’s pantry, you’re sure to find it enhances and improves the look, functionality and eventual resale value of your custom home. As you plan your space, browse through magazines and websites for ideas and inspiration. Happy entertaining!

A butler’s pantry can enhance your entertaining capabilities. Contact us to include this feature in your new custom home or existing home.

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