7 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

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Think of all the hours you spend in your bathroom in the morning, and again at night. Shouldn’t it feel wonderful to be in there? This is the one place in your home where you don’t have to settle for boring and dull. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with a just a few accents and special accessories!

1. Add Windows

There’s nothing better than natural light for applying makeup, doing your hair, and making sure you look your best. Adding an additional window in your bathroom will help ensure that it’s filled with natural light. If your bathroom is located in the interior of your home and an exterior window isn’t possible, opt for a tube skylight. This directs natural light from the roof all the way down to your ceiling.

2. Install Under Floor Heating

What a luxurious feeling to walk into your bathroom on a cold morning to be greeted by a warm, cozy floor. Under floor heating can be installed under tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring. Ambient heat will keep your bathroom nice and toasty on the coldest mornings.IMG_1804-min

3. Upgrade Your Mirror

Who says you have to buy your mirror from a hardware store? Embrace your inner designer with an antique mirror from a flea market, antique dealer, or even an online auction site. Don’t feel you have to stick to a standard size, either. A giant gilded mirror can create a decadent, artsy ambience.

4. Bring in Furniture

Bring your design to a new level with real pieces of furniture. Place a beautiful jewelry armoire in the corner and store makeup and other smaller items inside its shallow drawers. Place a decorative étagère against the wall to shelve accessories like hairbrushes, combs, and hand mirrors. Say goodbye to ugly cabinets and store folded towels inside an antique dresser with brass drawer pulls.

5. Replace the Light Fixture

Bathroom light fixtures are another area where most people settle for whatever the contractor selected at the hardware store. Replace a standard light fixture with something elegant and statement-making, like a small chandelier or an art deco lighting element. Your light fixture should reflect your personal style.

6.  Add Scent

Your bathroom should smell inviting and clean. Ensure this by adding some sources for aromatic scents. One option is to use scent diffuser sticks and place them on top of your towel bureau. Another is to plug in a natural scent diffuser in an out-of-the-way wall socket. A display fresh fragrant flowers from your garden will add some color as well as a bit of nature. Beautiful scented candles are always an acceptable go-to that provide a warm ambience to your space.

7. Let the Music Play

Make a playlist on your cell phone specifically for your bathroom spa time. Common selections will include ambient background music or your favorite classical artist for a soothing effect. While you’re getting ready or unwinding at the end of a long hard day, play the music on a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom. Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of styles, and one will fit nicely on your bathroom shelf or bureau.

These ideas are easy to incorporate into any home bathroom design. Stewart Custom Homes specializes in building luxury custom homes and our commitment is to help you through every step of the process! To learn more about building a custom home in DFW, connect with us on Facebook where we share more of our home construction success stories. Send us an inquiry online by clicking here, or call us at 817-251-5832 to arrange a consultation!