5 Best Neighborhoods in DFW to Build a Luxury Custom Home 2020

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The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, which is the biggest inland metropolitan area in the US, is one of the most loved places for home-buyers in Texas. The residents of this area fondly refer to it as The Metroplex or DFW. DFW has always been the cultural and economic hub of North Central Texas or North Texas. People love building their custom homes in this part of the country. The section below will introduce you to the top DFW neighborhoods to build a custom home.

1. Southlake

The two factors that are primarily responsible for making South-lake one of the best neighborhoods for the wealthy home-buyers are the region’s country estate spirit and the fact that it’s located close to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The other pluses of the region that have made it a favorite spot for transplants relocating to North Central Texas are the restaurant and shopping destination of the region.

The history of South-lake area dates back to the 1840s; however, the region was not a part of the South-lake till 1956. Prior to the incorporation, the South-lake we now know was made up by settlements of Dove, Whites Chapel, Jellico, and Union Church. However, during its initial days, it was just a rural territory of Texas. Things started changing with the inauguration of the DFW International Airport during the 1970s. Since then, South-lake has been one of the most popular home-buying destinations in the country.

2. University Park

University Park is home to the Southern Methodist University and is located just a few miles away from downtown Dallas; these are the main factors behind its popularity among customer home builders and buyers. This neighborhood is also home to a first-rate school district.

During its initial years, the neighborhood of University Park was just a bunch of homes constructed surrounding the hatchling Southern Methodist University. When the university was set up in 1915, the region was a rural territory. Such was the situation that the university used to supply utility service to the surrounding homes. This continued till 1924; the university had to stop supplying utilities as the region’s population was growing rapidly and the school’s utilities were no more enough to meet the residents’ needs.

3. Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the first suburbs of Dallas and is rated among the wealthiest neighborhood of the state of Texas. It was set up during the early years of the 1900s. In 1913, the local officials of the suburb submitted an application requesting the authority to make it a part of the main city of Dallas. However, the application was rejected as one of the suburb’s larger neighbors refused to accept the merging.

Many residents of the region describe the experience of living in Highland Park as living with a caring concierge. To get access to the community pools for a season, one would need to pay $60. The town is also home to eight tennis courts; for getting access to one of the tennis courts, you’ll need to pay $40. It’s always recommended to reserve your spot in the court or pool by making a call in advance; however neither the courts nor the pools ever remain crowded. The town also has a luxuriously appointed library boasting a great collection of books; the gorgeous fireplace and dark wood bookshelves are two other fascinating attributes of the library.

Highland Park has not changed much in the past decades and the residents seem to love this quality of the region. The fact is that in spite of being planned and designed more than a century back, the town fits in aptly with the modern-day urban planning trends. Highland Park is self-contained, scores impressively when it comes to walk-ability, and borders some of the liveliest neighborhoods of Dallas including downtown Dallas, SMU, Oak Lawn, and Knox-Henderson.

4. Bent Tree

Development of this suburb began during the 1960s; since then, the development works have taken place at a steady pace. However, the past decade has seen the area undergo a renaissance, which has made it a popular choice among home-buyers.

Bent Tree is located in the Far North territory of Dallas and is known for being a quiet and family-focused region. Its location has ensured that people living in this part of DFW have easy access to the vibrant urban core of the city as well as a number of lively neighboring suburbs, which includes Richardson, Addison, Plano, and Carrollton. The life of the local community of the region is centered primarily on the Bent Tree Country Club.

Bent Tree is extremely picturesque. The region has a lush landscaping adorned with numerous mature trees and a series of beautiful features like a creek running through its westernmost part. You should plan to live here if you love peace, serenity, and nature.

5. Preston Hollow

This part of the DFW houses some of the most expensive homes of the state. Preston Hollow started its journey during the 1920s as a separate town in the northern farmlands of Dallas.

The academic scene of the place is truly impressive. The suburb, which is a part of the Dallas Independent School District, is home to schools like the Hillcrest High School, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, and Preston Hollow Elementary School. There are also a number of well-known public schools situated in and around the suburb. These include Hockaday School, Ursuline Academy, St. Mark’s School, Episcopal School, Jesuit College, etc.
Another fact that makes the region popular among affluent home-buyers is that Preston Hollow has a number of famous residents. The biggest name among them is probably of George W. Bush, the Former President of the US. He lives in this suburb along with his wife Laura Bush, the former First Lady. Mark Cuban, the owner of the professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, owns a plush mansion (the mansion covers an area of 24,000 sq. ft.) in Preston Hollow. Oil and gas tycoon T. Boone Pickens also lives in this part of DFW.

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