When you walk into the entryway of a beautiful custom home, it is fairly common for the staircase to be one of the first things you notice. However, not all staircases are a thing of beauty. Is the base of staircase too close to the door? Is the overall design not made for functionality? If you want your staircase to be a conversation piece, you will want to become familiar with the latest staircase design ideas that are sure to make your guests’ jaws drop when they first walk into your home. Here are some beautiful staircase design ideas for your home.

Sculptural Character

Create a look of grandeur with a staircase that coils and winds as it ascends into the next level, like the staircase pictured above. Note the coiling detail at the base of the stair to help bring this more dramatic choice to life. The iron design along the railing is a great accent to this beautiful design.

Modern Industrial

If modern style is what you are into, clean lines are always a great choice. Combine metal and wood to make a staircase that will complement any industrial themed home. The combination of materials gives it a weight and a presence, and when combines with the simplicity of clean lines, it really becomes a statement piece.

Double Staircase

The use of a double staircase brings the classic wow factor to any entryway. This can also create a gathering space for private parties, complete with a grand piano tucked beneath the stairs.  Add elegance by mounting a large chandelier in the foyer.

Natural Staircase

For a more rustic feel, choose natural elements to construct your stairway. Driftwood or bamboo are a few choices that will definitely stand out and become instant conversational pieces.

Floating Staircase

Floating stairs are an amazing design feature to use for your staircase. Giving the illusion of suspension in mid air, these stairs are sure to turn heads. Click here for inspirational floating staircase photos.

No matter how you decide to build your staircase, remember to make your own personal mark. Keep in mind that your staircase must be functional as well as beautiful. Provide enough space in the to properly accommodate visitors and family alike. A beautiful staircase will be the perfect prelude to a beautiful home when it is tied into your overall design.

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